Would you like to book a session?

These are our current workshops. Which are always tailored to your needs. Or we can develop something just for you and offer discounts for multiple bookings.


These can be STEM based or more generalist to cover a range of disciplines.

  • Effective networking skills
  • Communication skills – presenting
  • Communication skills – writing for non-academic audiences
  • Using social media to build your career
  • When researchers and media collide – how to work with the media 
  • Storytelling skills for researchers
  • How to develop a killer poster
  • Pitching like a professional

3 Minute Thesis skills – Visualise Your Thesis – FameLab – Falling Walls

  • Communication skills – the basics
  • How to develop a killer slide
  • Presentation skills
  • Developing a “hook” and your talk’s “key message”
  • Feedback sessions – we attend and offer personalised expert feedback during practice sessions