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Emma Donnelly

Founder / Director / Science Communicator / Trainer / MC / Coach

Starting her life as the daughter of two science teachers was always going to end with Emma working in Science Communication. She just didn’t know it at the time, With over 23 years of science communication, education, engagement and coaching experience under her belt, Emma has worked for not-for-profits like Scitech and BioMelbourne Network, run national programs for CSIRO Education, launched digital Planetariums, taught people to fish sustainably and work at universities across Australia, including nine years at Curtin University as Science Outreach Manager.

As a seasoned presenter and trainer, Emma has worked both in national and international arenas. In 2017, 2018 and 2019 she was contracted as the national trainer for the British Council’s FameLab competition (prior to this she was contracted as the WA state trainer for the program). With the relaunch of FameLab Australia by in 2023 she is back in the role of National Trainer and Comm-it is the official training parter.

Emma has worked on radio and TV. But most recently she’s moved into the field of science and food and has started Culinary Science. A business focussed on science communication around food, cooking and nutrition. This came about after representing Western Australia in 2012 reality show My Kitchen Rules. Since MKR she’s self-published a mini-cookbook Eat, Drink, Think – recipes for the evidence based cook and is now writing her second.

Dr Emma Beckett

Scientist / Researcher / Author / Speaker / Trainer / Social media expert / Science Communicator

Dr Emma Beckett is a researcher in molecular nutrition at the University of Newcastle and a science communicator. She has a PhD in Food Science and has authored 30 peer reviewed academic articles.

Emma’s science communication work focuses on nutrition myth busting and empowering the public to interpret nutrition research. As well as providing expert comment for the media, she has written for The Conversation, The Newcastle Herald, Lateral Magazine, AQ magazine, and ABC online, and has a regular column busting nutrition myths in Broadsheet.

Based in Newcastle, New South Wales, Emma appears on ABC Central Coast each week for her regular segment “Food for Thought” and has over 30 additional radio appearances on ABC and commercial radio, including appearing twice on ABC Radio Nationals Ockham’s Razor (the scientists soapbox). She has appeared in a documentary series by Nature videos, both as interviewer and interviewee. She has presented at multiple public events including Pint of Science and The Forum for Science.

In 2017 she was named NSW Young Tall Poppy, in recognition of her research and science communication.

website: https://www.dremmabeckett-foodnutritionscientist.com/ 

Dr Rebecca Yee

Entrepreneur / Chemical Engineer / Environmentalist / Mentor / Trainer / Speaker / Science Communicator

Rebecca specialises in STEM commercialisation, entrepreneurship and mentoring, gained from personal experience through her start-up Biofuel Innovations.

In 2014, Rebecca’s start-up company Biofuel Innovations was created with fellow chemical engineering student Dale Barnet. It started by them messing around making biodiesel in the back of an uncle’s garage.

‘He used to brew his own beer and we actually took that equipment and started brewing our own biodiesel,’

‘You make it in batches… with 20 litres you might as well make 200 litres, with 200 litres you might as well make 2000 litres. So it just kind of grew and grew.’

Biofuel Innovations received support from the City of Greater Dandenong council to build a plant in the area. She was brewing large batches of biodiesel from used cooking oil, and started talking to big oil companies.

Through her work in the entrepreneurship, start-up and commercialisation space Rebecca has expertise in these along with communications, training and speaking. She is available for consulting and guidance for those who seek coaching in these areas.

As a busy entrepreneur, she has launched a successful mentoring and work integrated learning (WIL) programs in her business to save time and resources. With a lot of trial and error she has developed systems that can be used in any STEM business to enable businesses to effectively engage with WIL and student mentoring programs while using minimal resources. Students who participant in these opportunities find they are rewarding and that the experience they gain assists them in their study, other workplaces and in applying for future paid employment.

Rebecca is currently living in Darwin, Northern Territory.

Holly Bennett

Coaching / Mentoring / Evaluation / Human Resources / Training / Founder – Coequal Coaching

Holly Bennett is a mentoring and coaching evaluation specialist and European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) Senior Practitioner. As an accredited coach and mentor she is expereinced in working within learning and development.

Holly has a range of experience including Evaluation, Project Management, Organisational Development, Human Resources Management, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Mentoring and Coaching.

She started a degree in Surveying Sciences, but moved into Management and Human Resource Management and completed her qualifications at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. She also has a Post Graduate Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring from Sheffield Hallam University.

Holly is currently based in Oslo, Norway and works part-time as Program Manager for the EMCC while spending the rest of her time on her business, Coequal Coaching.Coequal Coaching.

Michelle Wheeler

Writer / Journalist / Media Expert / Trainer / Science Communicator

Michelle Wheeler is a former science and environment reporter for The West Australian newspaper and has been published by The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, ABC Science, the Countryman, WA Today, suburban newspapers and more. She is currently a freelance journalist, writing for both science publications and the mainstream media, and helps science organisations communicate their research to the world.

Michelle’s work has seen her drive to the remote Square Kilometre Array site in a 2WD Hyundai, stand on a boat following a white shark attack to check shark receivers are working and spend a day on a tiger snake-infested island dubbed the most dangerous in the world. She has been in a boat crash while meeting isolated tribes in the Malaysian jungle and has interviewed Nobel Laureates, Buzz Aldrin, Richard Branson and Ewan McGregor.

Years of looming daily deadlines mean Michelle can write concise, accurate copy quickly and reliably for any writing project.

Michelle is based in Perth, Western Australia, and has previously worked in science communication at Scitech (hands-on science centre) and The University of Western Australia. She has a Bachelor of Science and Postgraduate Diploma of Journalism.

As well as writing and journalism, Michelle is also an expert and accomplished coach and media trainer for scientists.

Website: https://www.michellewheeler.com.au/


ABN: 45 943 080 036
Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria

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